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ingredientsWith just three ingredients and 30 minutes, I have made the easiest applesauce for my kids to take with them on their school lunches and to have as an easy snack, or dessert after dinner. Here’s how I did it!

Note: I wrote above that it will take about 30 minutes to complete, because that’s how long it took me. I am sure you can do it much faster if you’re a pro at peeling apples, which I am not.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • SmartSteamer
  • Vegetable Peeler
  • 5-7 Medium Apples
  • Vent N Serve round container
  • PowerChef System
  • Water
  • Simple Indulgence Cinnamon Vanilla Seasoning Blend
  • Spatula

AppleSlicedStep One:

Peel & Core the apples, you can then slice them up, or leave them how they are without the core and place them into the large base of the SmartSteamer.

Step Two:

Fill the water basin of the SmartSteamer to the fill line and set up your Smart Steamer to go into the microwave. You’ll want to place the large base with the apple in it, on top of the water basin. After that please the cover onto the SmartSteamer.

Step Three:

Place the SmartSteamer in the microwave and set it for 15 minutes. Please check the wattage of your microwave and adjust the power setting accordingly. Most Tupperware products are designed with a 1000W microwave in mind, so if your microwave is less than 1000W’s please adjust the cooking time to make it a bit longer. If your microwave is more than 1000W’s please adjust your power level on your microwave.

Step Four:

Once cooking is done in the microwave, I let the SmartSteamer cool down for about 5 minutes, so that I can easily handle the base without burring myself. To do this, take the whole SmartSteamer out of the microwave with oven mitts on, and place on a safe surface where children can’t touch it, as well as a surface that won’t be damaged by water and heat. Take the unit apart. Remove the cover with your oven mitts on, and open it away from you, so the steam won’t get into your face. I remove the base from the water basin and set the base on a towel to allow the apples to cool a bit.

Step Five:

Once the apples have cooled a bit place them into the base of the PowerChef with the blade already attached.

Step Six:

Add some Cinnamon Vanilla Seasoning Blend on top of the apples. Use your own judgement. I coated them pretty well.

You’ll want to attach the rest of the PowerChef unit after you’ve added your seasoning. you can add more later if you feel you didn’t add enough, don’t worry.

Step Seven:

Pull the cord of the PowerChef to start chopping the apples. Pull the cord a few times to get the apples chopped up a bit.

IMG_1494Step Eight:

Now you’ll want to add in the water. To do this, use the funnel attachment. Set it to the closed and pour in the water. I used two full funnels to get the texture that I wanted. You can turn the funnel to open it to allow the water to enter the PowerChef while you’re pulling the handle and chopping the apples. Pull the handle as many times as you want until you reach the texture that you desire.

Step Nine:

Pour the apple sauce into the Vent N Serve container. You can use it for storage in the fridge, or freeze it for later. If you’re going to be freezing the applesauce, do not fill above the line on the side of the dish. This is the fill line, and it allows for right amount of space for the liquid to expand while it’s freezing. This is key to preserve the quality and prevent freezer burn. Remember to label the side, so you remember what’s inside. You can use the Tupperware Labels or any standard label maker. Mark the date on the side too so that you know what batch was made first, just incase you make it often.

There you have it! You’re done!

IMG_1498Pretty simple and straight forward applesauce, made in minutes! The best part is that you know exactly what’s in the applesauce and it tastes just as good as the pre-made versions.

Please note that this is un-sweetened applesauce. Should you want to sweeten it, you’d have to add a little bit of sugar.

You can also add some berries or other seasoning to find out what recipe you like the best!

You can take this concept for making the applesauce and apply it to making your own baby food as well! I will be posting more information on that soon, so keep an eye out!

Easy Homemade Applesauce
Easy Homemade Applesauce

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