Eco Tupperware

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using Tupperware, more specifically the eco friendly benefits. 

Here are 10 ways to use Tupperware to save money and do your part towards the environment. 

  1. Use reusable Tumblers and Water Bottles to replace the consumption of PET water bottles that end up in landfills. You can use these refillable Tumblers and Water Bottles over and over again, saving time & money. Invest in these once, and reuse them many times. Several sizes and options are available, but I recommend the Eco Water Bottles.
  2. Use the microwave line of Vent ‘N Serve containers to reheat and reduce energy consumption when reheating. They require less reheating time, due to their unique design. Tupperware also has a line of manual small appliances that reduce energy usage as well! Check out the Quick Chef, Chop ‘N Prep Chef and Power Chef to see how to manually process food. 
  3. Use Modular Mates and Freezer Mates for food storage and buy your food in bulk. These containers keep your food fresh longer so you can buy in larger quantities and reduce packaging waste. Here’s a bonus, you save time and money by buying in bulk too.
  4. Use Tupperware Containers to store leftovers and pack lunches, instead of using disposable plastic wrap and food storage bags. Not only does this stop waste, but it also saves money with these durable and versatile products. They last for years and you won’t have to pay for them again and again. Don’t forget that they are also covered under Tupperware’s Warranty program too. 
  5. Reduce food waste that ends up in landfills by using Tupperware FridgeSmart containers. These innovative vented systems help to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer by allowing them to breathe. You will also save money by not wasting food every week! How great is that!
  6. Switch to using a Commuter Mug at your favourite coffee shop! You will eliminate waste by reusing your Mug day after day. You may also be able to save a little money on your morning coffee by avoiding paying the fee for the disposable cup.
  7. Use Tupperware Mircofiber Cleaning Cloths instead of paper towel for kitchen cleanups and for washing dishes. This reduces the amount of paper towel waste, and provides a reusable option in the kitchen. Once again you will save money by avoiding the high cost of buying and re-buying paper towel. 
  8. Use Tupperware’s FlatOut containers to store restaurant leftovers. These unique dishes are flat, until you need them and then they pop open so you can put the left overs into the container. The flat design allows them to easily tuck away in a bag or purse so you don’t forget them at home, and you always have them ready and with you. 
  9. Use the Tupperware Access Mate container for your kitchen compost. This sealable container provides a temporary option for your kitchen scraps. Just line the inside with newspaper and create your own compost. 
  10. Tupperware products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This reduces plastic waste, because you can use the same products over and over again. The Tupperware Warranty covers chips, cracks, breaks and peeling under normal, non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product. 

Eco Tupperware

Changing over your kitchen and home and using Tupperware products can make a significant impact on your environmental footprint! If you are interested in hearing more about how making an investment once, can pay off for a lifetime, please email me courtney@theorganizedpantry.com I would be happy to ask any and all of your questions.

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